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In-situ observation of microstructure evolution with confocal laser scanning microscopy

A Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (CLSM) in combination with an infrared furnace is used for in-situ observation of microstructure evolution in solid metals.

CLSM-observation of the pinning effect of particles in copper
CLSM-observation of the pinning effect of particles in copper

  • Thesis work of J. Zhu (MME-program, KULeuven) assisted by M. Guo (MTM, KULeuven) and myself, January - June 2005

Ex-situ pO2-measurements of non-ferrous slacs

The oxygen potential of a slag affects its reactivity with the metal, the matte and the lining of the reactor. Therefore, an accurate measurement of the oxygen potential is important to the product quality as well as the process efficiency. The purpose of this project was to find out whether the RapidoxTM from Heraeus Electro-Nite, originally developed for measuring the pO2 of molten glass,can be used to obtain the pO2 of molten metal slacs. Measurements for different metal slacs from non-ferrous pyrometallurgical processes and covering a wide range of pO2 values were carried out. The influence of temperature, atmosphere and composition of the slacs was also studied.

MOKE (Magneto Optical Kerr Effect) - measurements of soft magnetic materials

Magnetic hysteresis curves for various CoNiFe-alloys, prepared by electro-deposition, were obtained using a measurement technique based on the Magneto Optical Kerr Effect. These alloys can be used in recording heads for magnetic memories.